Search Tips & Hints

The indexes are not complete, so a failure to locate a certificate does not necessarily mean that the event is not recorded.


To find an index to a birth, death or marriage certificate click the "Search" button on the left side of your screen from any page.

When the search page is displayed, click one of the radio buttons to search for a birth, death or marriage. Enter a surname, and a year. You may also enter a forename if known. Click the "Search" button.

Dates (Range)

You may search on a specific year or use the select option to widen your search to within 1, 2, 5 or 10 years of the approximate date of the event. e.g. searching for an event around 1940, within 1 year would search 3 inclusive years 1939 to 1941.


The name entered in the Registers were subject to human error and not always totally accurate. Names were often spelt as they sounded and so the use of the "soundex: radio button will extend your search to surnames that sound like the one you are looking for.


If your search is successful you will be presented with a page or pages of results (15 per page). At the right hand side of a result the office at which the certificate is held is shown. Click this for contact details and you will also be able to download an application form for a certificate or submit an on-line application. You can also send an enquiry by e-mail with additional information to verify this is the correct entry before you purchase a certificate. Alternatively you can telephone the register office with your enquiry and order a certificate by telephone with a credit/debit card.


You can use the verification option to check whether this is the correct entry before purchasing a certificate. Additional information may include the following:

  • For births: Parents names, mother's maiden name, father's occupation, residence at the time of birth.
  • For deaths: Age at death, occupation, marital status, residence at time of death. If registered after 1968 a date of birth or a woman's maiden name.
  • For marriages: Bride and groom ages, marital status, occupations, residences, fathers names. Mother's names are not recorded in a marriage entry. You can view the spouse name by clicking on "Show spouses" alongside the search result.